Sam Jesson - The Magpie Trio

This trio has united by the love of legendary jazz trios from Ahmed Jamal to Sonny Rollins, Oscar Peterson and Dewey Redman. The trio wind their way through many gems of the jazz canon – some lesser known than others – sometimes deconstructing and breathing new life, sometimes paying homage to classic arrangements, with a devoted focus on making music that feels honest and joyous. This Acoustic saxophone trio are reworking the glorious compositions of Wayne Shorter’s from his electric era, from groove heavy Weather Report bangers to the soaring melodies from seminal albums Atlantis and Joy Rider.

“Contemporary & spontaneous interpretations of old material, with the trio approaching their sources in a spirit of genuine affection, but still determined to leave their own stamp on the music.” JazzMann

“a free-wheeling, polyrhythmic tour de force, and to these ears an absolute delight.” JazzMann

Devoted young originals including drummer Sam Jesson and saxophonist George Crowley … simultaneously cherished where jazz has been, and relished where it might be headed” John Fordham - The Guardian 

Line Up: George Crowley - Tenor Sax, Tom Farmer - Bass & Sam Jesson – Drums

YouTube vids:

Magpie Trio - Autumn Leaves

Stompin' At The Savoy - Magpie Trio