Josephine Davies

Satori is a contemporary jazz trio from Perrier award winning saxophonist Josephine Davies,

featuring drummer James Maddren and bassist Dave Mannington. The deliberate omission of a chordal instrument leaves a more spacious texture for the three musicians to explore the basic compositional elements Davies offers. This is a new direction for her, and one that showcases her creativity and strongly melodic improvisational approach. Although the focus of this band is on group interaction, exploration, and freedom from traditional set structures, Satori is also an accessible and hugely dynamic jazz ensemble. Their second album will be released in November on Whirlwind Recordings.

Line Up: Josephine Davies – sax, Dave Whitford – bass & James Maddren - drums

“What makes the album so striking is Davies refusal to abandon melody even as she lets go of defined changes. Her irrepressible tunefulness not only leads the improvisers in fruitful directions but also offers the listener an open door into the music” (Downbeat Magazine)

“A truly gifted and imaginative saxophonist, Davies undoubtedly possesses the art of the improviser and has produced an album of exuberant lyricism and consistently engaging tunes.” (All About Jazz);

“Satori is so full of ideas, vision, and joyful improvisation that one can only take pleasure in the listening” (UK Vibe)