James Allsopp Quartet

The James Allsopp Quartet is the new project from the BBC Jazz award winning saxophonist 

(“perhaps the most gifted British saxophonist of his generation, not to mention the most adaptable.” Underscore music magazine). The band builds on the joyful and haunting melodies that characterise his music and combines them with deep bass riffs and a sense of swing rooted in the jazz tradition but not beholden to it. The band features Steve Buckley (Loose Tubes) on Alto Saxophone and Bass Clarinet, Tom Herbert (Polar Bear) on Acoustic and Electric Bass and rising star Dave Storey on the Drums.

Line Up: James Allsopp – Sax/bass clarinet,   Steve Buckley - alto sax/bass clarinet,
Tom Herbert - acoustic & electric bass &  Dave Storey - drums