Liam Brennan’s - ‘Collidescope’ with Laura Jurd

A Jazz Central gig organised by Jazz Midlands and Birmingham Jazz showcasing the Mentors work with their emerging star Mentee.

Liam Brennan is a saxophonist and composer based in Birmingham, UK. He performs primarily on alto saxophone, but also on soprano, tenor, flute and clarinet. A graduate of Birmingham Conservatoire, Liam was mentored by world-renowned composer Mike Gibbs and was taught saxophone by Mike Williams and John O’Gallagher. ‘Collidescope’ is inspired by the idea of a kaleidoscope lens creating colourful and intricate reflections of an object. It explores fluidity, and shifts conventional roles within the full ensemble between duos, trios and solo passages, resulting in a startlingly fresh, engaging and dynamic set of music.

‘Collidescope’ are joined by special guest composer and trumpeter Laura Jurd, who has been mentoring Liam as part of the Jazz Central Mentoring Programme for Jazz Midlands. The integration of a second trumpet creates unique orchestrations and timbral effects.

Line Up: Liam Brennan– Sax with Laura Jurd – trumpet, James Borland – trumpet, Tommy Fuller– bass & Kai Chareunsy- drums