Julian Costello

The Julian Costello Quartet will be playing music from their new album out now “And All The Birds Were Set Free” on 33jazz records. The birds are the musicians. Julian wants them to feel free to express themselves and fly like a bird. Which they certainly will do. When he choose these musicians and asked them to play his new compositions, he was asking themselves to be just that and feel that they can bring their own personality to the tunes. It’s a metaphor about being let loose, unrestricted and aiming high for the stars.

Line Up: Julian Costello – saxes,   John Turville – piano, Andy Hamill double bass & Tom Hooper – drums

"This is an album that features a strong and interesting set of compositions and performed by a quartet who instinctively know how to bring the best out of the music and bring a little something of themselves to the party too." Jazz Views