Arnie Somogyi & Sara Oschag

Renowned jazz vocalist Sara Oschlag and acclaimed bassist Arnie Somogyi have put together an extraordinary project featuring Charles Mingus; timeless compositions with added lyrics - some written by Mingus himself, others by Sara Oschlag and some by Joni Mitchell on her 1979 album, ‘Mingus’. The project brings a fresh and innovative perspective to the Mingus jazz classics that have influenced generations of musicians and listeners. Charles Mingus, an iconic figure in the world of jazz, left an indelible mark on the genre with his innovative compositions, virtuosic bass playing, and fearless approach to music. Oschlag and Somogyi, both accomplished musicians in their own right, are thrilled to take on this unique challenge of reimagining Mingus music through lyrical interpretations. Arnie Somogyi, a highly respected bassist and composer, is no stranger to Mingus’ music. He has led his own Mingus repertoire band, ‘Scenes in the City’ for over ten years and has headlined at Ronnie Scott’s as featured bassist with the official Mingus Big Band - a star-studded ensemble originally established by Sue Mingus, dedicated to performing the Mingus canon. Danish vocalist Sara Oschlag has quietly established herself as one of the UK’s premier jazz talents. First choice with the Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Orchestra, Sara is a singer with a natural musicians ear, great phrasing and an effortless sense of swing - the perfect choice to breathe new life into this extraordinary repertoire. Mingus Sings explores Mingus; music in a way that honours his legacy while infusing it with fresh perspectives and contemporary relevance. Audiences can expect to hear classics such as Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love and Mingus Fingers like never before. Sara Oschlag and Arnie Somogyi are excited to bring this project to life and share their passion for Mingus music with jazz enthusiasts around the UK. Their collaboration promises to be a treat for the ears and a celebration of one of jazz greatest icons.

Arnie Somogyi – bass, Sara Oschag – vocals, Alan Barnes – sax, Tim Lapthorn – piano & Clark Tracey – drums